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Pool & Spa Chemicals

Complete range of High-Quality Pool & Spa Chemicals available in-store

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The complete Zodiac Pool Chemical range is available in-store so why not bring a Water Sample down to our shop @ 10/25 Pitcairn Way Pacific Pines - we will test and tell you exactly the chemicals needed to ensure your Pool/Spa is Balanced, Protected and Perfect.​​ A pure, sparkling pool/spa with Zodiac pool chemicals in three easy steps. Step 1: PURE BALANCE Just like people, pool water needs balance. In pool-speak, balancing means preparing the water so that the pool protective products you add later will work most effectively. Why is this important? Firstly, if your protective products aren't doing their job properly, your pool can be over-run by nasty micro-organisms. Secondly, unbalanced water may be corrosive, resulting in damage to the equipment in your pool. Also, the pool water balance should be in harmony with the human body. With a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. This keeps the water pleasant while preventing eye and skin irritation. Step 2: PURE PROTECTION Nobody likes nasty miro-organisms crashing their pool party. To protect your pool from unwanted guests and to keep your water nice and clean, use purifying or protective products. The key ingredient in protective products is Chlorine, a common and the most widely used element to purify and eliminate harmful micro-organisms from our drinking water. By adding purifiers to a well-balanced pool, effective protection against bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms can take place. Ensure your pool stays clean by regularly checking the levels of protective products and stabilisers in the water. For even greater protection, use shock treatments regularly. Pool stabilisers guard the purifiers or protective products from UV rays. UV protection is essential simply because without it, purifiers evaporate from the pool. Step 3: PURE PERFECTION After you've taken care of unwanted guests such as algae and other micro- organisms, it's time to focus on the important stuff: making your pool glisten and sparkle. Zodiac Pool Chemicals offers a range of products designed to perfect your pool.

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