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When did you last Drain the Spa?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Drain and Clean Spa

Although draining a spa is the most effective way to clean it, the draining process usually deters most spa owners from doing so. We recommend engaging a Professional to reduce the risk of damage to property. However, if you need to drain your spa for whatever reason, here are two methods:

Slow yet cheap

The cheapest option for draining a spa is to connect it to a hose and allow gravity to do the work. However, this method will take several hours. Though, this gives you time to distribute the spa water evenly across your backyard, rather than flooding one area. Before you begin draining your spa, be sure to turn off your spa at the fuse box to negate the risk of electrical shock.

Sump pumps

Using a sump pump to drain your spa is a much faster method, usually taking around 10 minutes. Simply open your spa drains simultaneously. If using this method, we recommend standing by the spa for the duration of the draining process, or you risk damaging the pumps motor if it continues running after the spa is empty.

Where should you drain the water?

Many cities have laws in place that require you to drain your spa into the sewer system. This is not to be confused with a storm drain - never use a storm drain to drain your spa water. Otherwise, you can drain your spa onto your lawn and garden, given the chemicals have dissipated.

Cleaning your spa

While your spa is draining, there is plenty of time to clean or replace your filter. You can usually submerge the filter in a 20L bucket full of water mixed with a dose of filter soak and leave it for 24 hours to clean the filter.

Next, clean your spa shell. Once your spa is empty, follow these steps:

  • Spray your spa shell with spa cleaner, diluted white vinegar, or diluted bleach.

  • Use a soft cloth or non-scratch nylon scrubber to remove residue and debris.

  • Rinse all surfaces well, ensuring you drain all of this rinsed water.

  • Double check that all your jets are open after you’ve finished cleaning and rinsing.

Once you’ve completed the above, you can safely refill your spa and enjoy swimming.

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